From the moment we met, to the moment we ran our first campaign, to the moment we quadrupled our sales with their help and expertise, Sum Digital has been exceptional to work with and an intricate part of our marketing strategy.
— Kevin Joseph, That's How We Roll, VP Marketing

The most humble no bullshit agency out there. Their sole focus is to drive revenue and ROAS.
— Alejandro Chahin, CEO, Mott & Bow

Deirdre from Sum Digital is an absolute ROCK STAR! Her attention to detail and experience on the Facebook Ads Platform far exceeds that of anyone I have ever met. Her creative strategies in regards to bidding, ad copy, and even merchandising on our own website allows us to scale on Facebook + Instagram like never before. Sum Digital is far from a “big shiny agency” and more of a small, tight group of digital marketing experts who obsess over ROAS and customer acquisition. If it wasn’t for Terry + Deirdre at Sum Digital, Pura Vida definitely would not be where it is today - they are a TRUE extension of our brand.
— Griffin Thall, CEO, Pura Vida Bracelets

It’s so incredibly refreshing working with an agency that gets direct-to-consumer advertising yet is so humble. We’ve worked with “gurus” and some of the big names in e-commerce advertising and it was just so complicated and unproductive. Working with Terry and Joey and the Sum Digital team is a breath of fresh air and the results are 2X what we were getting from our prior agency.
— Garret Akerson, President, Kindred Bravely
Sum Digital and Terry and Deirdre specifically care about their clients - when you come on with them they take the time to understand your business, learn your customer base and work with you 24/7 to find ways to improve ROAS while staying true to your brand for the long haul. You have a question, it is 9pm, no worries - they are working. They have allowed us to get to a new level of our business that we didn’t know was possible.
— Alec Avedissian, CEO, Rareform

Having worked with multiple paid social agencies with some success but no one quite able to hit our targets I was very fortunate to have been referred to Terry and Deidre at Sum digital by a trusted industry friend. The sum team has exceeded my expectations and has taken initiative above and beyond anything else I have experienced with other agencies. I think of this group as my secret weapon and highly recommend them.
— Brian McDonell, President, Melin

In the constantly changing paid advertising space, Sum Digital stays ahead of the curve to consistently generate return. They’ve helped our leads grow exponentially, get direct-to-customer advertising, are incredibly refreshing to work with, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Krystal Aeby, CMO, Concierge Auctions

Good partners are hard to find. Especially, when it comes to advertising budgets. Sum Digital is a rare gem in that they are masters at relationships AND actually understanding the advertising space. Joey is a master at knowing how to navigate complicated platforms and technologies. They have not only helped our business grow, but also have helped us gain new tools inside our business that have changed the game for us.
— Quinn Kelly, Marketing Director, Reshoevn8r

In the constantly changing paid advertising space, Sum Digital has done exceptionally well to stay ahead of the curve and consistently generate return for my company. They’ve helped my business grow exponentially and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
— Stephen Zieminski, Founder, Naked Nutrition
Terry and team audited our FB Ads account and their subsequent specific insights helped us achieve significant, sustained gains in our program – without any formal engagement.
— Rich Furlop, CEO, Brooklinen

Sum Digital has been an integral part of the Caplan’s marketing team for over five years, and during this time I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism and creativity. The account management support we have received has been exceptional, and Sum’s pro-active approach to managing our campaigns has been key in helping us achieve, and exceed, many of our digital marketing goals. If you are in need of a creative agency to help broaden your digital reach and generate tangible results, Sum is the partner you want.
— Robert Caplan, President, Caplan's Appliances

Thanks to Sum Digital, I’ve been able to source all of my CPC, paid social, search and display efforts to a firm that gives me 100% confidence everything is being handled effectively. I’ve worked with several PPC teams (both in-house and external), and Sum Digital is by far the best. I’m getting the benefit of a large team of individuals that would be quite difficult to acquire all for myself, but they provide me the kind of dedication, attention to detail, and a level of responsiveness that would rival (or beat) any in-house team. Sum Digital gives me access to a top-notch group of PPC professionals, leveraging all the latest knowledge and best practices to support our most critical marketing channels.
— Thomas krafft, VP of Marketing, CrowdMed

Sum Digital has blown away our expectations. Terry and his team have created a step function improvement in our PPC campaigns – substantially increasing revenue while lowering expenses. One concern with outsourcing your PPC campaign is whether the advisor can stay close enough to your business to understand its dynamics and act as an extension of your company. Sum Digital took the time to understand our business and have been hands-on throughout the process – the hallmarks of a trusted partner.
— Jason Thai, Marketing Manager,

Terry is a valued contributor to our team, and his work has substantially improved our performance in paid search. He is a proactive problem-solver who achieves quick and remarkable results. I am impressed with both his skill and the breadth of his knowledge. Plus, his enthusiasm for Internet marketing makes for a fun and productive working relationship.
— Catherine Brock, Client Marketing Services, Maritz

Sum Digital has been a great asset to our company for several years now. We’re very happy with all of the work they do managing our paid search campaigns and the results have been consistently excellent and still improving. They are a pleasure to work with and lend their insight... to all parts of the business.
— Josh Breinlinger, Director of Marketing, oDesk

I have launched and grown multiple companies with Sum Digital. They’re willingness to listen, to execute and to provide strategic insights is an invaluable asset for any marketing team.
— John Lusk, ChefSteps

Terry Whalen is among the most knowledgeable PPC experts I have ever met. His iterative approach to campaign management including testing and expansion has delivered tremendous and lasting value to clients over time.
— Larry Kim, Founder, WordStream

Terry took over an SEM program that was spending a lot of money but not getting a lot of results. He brought structure and visibility into our SEM activities, as well as his expertise in conversion funnels, landing pages, ad text and keyword development. Our company was undergoing a lot of changes with respect to the lending market, and Terry was quick to act on these changes. I came to think of Sum Digital as more than just our SEM agency – they really acted as part of our internal marketing team.
— Chris Strausser, CMO, ZOPA

We hired Sum Digital shortly after running an unsuccessful trial with a leading PPC bid optimization provider. Once we said “Go” they were able to quickly hit the ground running and achieved fantastic results in a very short period of time. In the first month they took over they were able to blow away our growth estimates... I would highly recommend Sum Digital to anyone who is looking for a paid search agency or anyone who may be questioning if they are getting all they can out of their current paid search efforts.
— Kris Farmer, Director of E-Commerce, Razorgator

Sum Digital is a superb extension of our own internal marketing dept. They created a profitable channel for us in a very short period of time, leaving no stone unturned, and have continued relentlessly to drive improvements in our campaigns. From split-testing landing pages to suggesting new offers and managing creative design projects, Joey and his team are top-notch. Super responsive listeners and highly transparent doers, Sum Digital is the only PPC management company I recommend to others.
— Jenny Robinson, VP eCommerce, Tatcha

Terry and Joey at Sum Digital are great to work with and they continue to help take our PPC campaigns to the next level. They are always on the lookout for areas of improvement and other Paid Search opportunities to allow our company to succeed. These guys are top notch and continue to teach me how to better manage the accounts. I definitely recommend Sum Digital to anyone looking to increase their online marketing efforts.
— Matt Bautista, Internet Marketing Specialist, 4 Wheel Parts

Sum Digital is my go to group for SEM campaigns. Having worked with them for the past 3 years, I can, without a doubt, say that they are the best. Not only does Terry and his team do a great job at managing the overall process, but they take the time to educate and inform myself and my team. I have, and will continue to recommend Sum Digital to anyone.
— James Czulewicz, Chief Revenue Office, Knowledge Adventure, Inc.

My agency loves collaborating with the pros at Sum Digital—they are an extension of our family at Web Marketing Therapy. We love their expertise and their art + science approach to paid search management.
— Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO, Web Marketing Therapy

Joey and Terry are phenomenal to work with. I have now worked with them at three companies and have been impressed every step of the way. Not only do they deliver great results - we had drastic increases in conversion while decreasing costs per conversion - they take the time to share their knowledge. Thanks Joey & Terry!
— Chelsea Bucoy, Demand Generation Marketing, Zimbra (Vmware)
Terry is fantastic. Our SEM has improved exponentially from Day 1. Terry takes the time to understand the behaviors that you’re trying to drive and why they’re important to you. Hes able to bat around ideas, build on previous campaigns, and discuss your overall strategy as though hes sitting with you in the office each day. And hes just as reachable too. I can think of a couple of times when I’ve sent him a 7am e-mail, only to hear my phone ring 30 seconds later. That’s fantastic service.
— Kyle Paice, Head of Marketing, RentJuice (acquired by Zillow)